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We are an Asian couple, and the idea of ​​having sex with another person is not in question, nor was it until recently. My wife ( Sonia) is 23 years old and very sexy. The fine black hair, brown eyes and a great body. We fantasize about other men when we have sex, but someone had to participate in fact without doubt. Never would. And # 8217; always had a fantasy of my wife cheating in secret and with great sex with a sexy young white men. We recently moved into a new apartment in a completely different area. This gave us the opportunity to be free, as the whole area is more or less inhabited by white people. We are only Asians living in the area. Our neighbors are a young couple (David 24 Sandra 21). We got along well with them from day one. My wife does not even want to talk to David, as it was against our culture. usually work from 8 in the morning, around September 00 clock started teasing my wife to David, and said his name, while having sex. Once told to go to the garden to hang clothes with a mini -skirt, but she refused. Finally, once convinced that saying there is no Asians in the area around, so you should be fine. A then begins to see through clothes in the garden. Once David was too, and my wife ( Sonia) was very shy and ran toward the house. David told me that my wife was very attractive, and it wouldn # 8217; t with his mind. We became friends, and I told him that gave him full permission to flirt and seduce her. I had to say is that David and went to the task. He came home in the evenings, while I'm away at work, knock on the door for stupid things, etc My wife was sick once, and David brought him flowers. She was delighted, and after two years of life in juicyclips this new house, I began to feel that Sonia begins, like David. Once he even gave David a gift. , once on a Thursday afternoon while I was at work, my wIFE David invited me for coffee around the second David pm # 8217; s girlfriend juicyclips Sandra worked for five pm at the local bank. began to talk, talk, and David told me that Sonia started. You just talk to David and nothing more, and left five. The juicyclips next weak, Sonia was juicyclips putting the washing and this time there was almost nothing) and David left. Sonia said, juicyclips how good it was, and invited them to tea. She agreed, and we started chatting, and then one thing led to another and they had sex in the afternoon.. He gave her anal, oral and everything else. She never mentioned anything to me, but David I play all the details. I did not know. Our sex life has become boring for a while anyway, and I have nothing against David his cursed. So, juicyclips now that David regularly visited by sex, but sometimes spends the night with him. She knows now that I know, and it is by mutual agreement. Just have sex with her, but she loves David. David sometimes comes and fucks her in bed watching TV while I was down. Sometimes, they kiss and have sex on the couch next to me. The interesting part is that me and David # 8217; s girlfriend Sandra have become close friends and began to flirt juicyclips with others, and if all goes well, we could exchange houses.
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